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    • Dynamic content updates
    • Minimum Qty on Configurable Products
    • Preselect active attribute
    • Advanced tier pricing
    • Wholesale Order Grid
    75,50 €
    • Dynamische Inhaltsaktualisierungen
    • Dynamische URL
    • Aktives Attribut vorwählen
    • Avanzierte Staffelpreise
    • Für verschiedene Templates einstellbar
    56,00 €
    • Most complete in market
    • Tier price support
    • Dozens of diferent looks
    • Category page grid
    • Unlimited free upgrades
    47,00 €
    • Unlimited collections
    • Super easy to set up
    • Simple & Configurable products
    • Discount rules
    • Sticky summary bar
    37,00 €
    • Unlimited shapes, sizes etc.
    • Super easy to set up
    • Simple & Configurable products
    • Create your own formula
    • Predefined shapes available
    47,00 €
    • Unique stylish layout
    • 3 different progress bars
    • Fixed or variable price
    • 100% responsive layout
    • Free lifetime upgrades
    47,00 €
    • Use tier prices in the mix
    • Change tier price grid
    • Set default tier price
    • Quantity auto fill
    • Unlimited free upgrades
    33,00 €
    • E-mail notification
    • Custom block in e-mail
    • Note to customer in e-mail
    • Automated through cron
    • Free lifetime upgrades
    24,00 €
    • Real time saver
    • Create attribute labels on the fly
    • Activate per attribute
    • Easy installation
    • Free upgrades & support

10 Artikel

In absteigender Reihenfolge
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Magento 2 extensions, built with your customers in mind.

Magento extensions needed for your webshop? Then this is the place to be. All our Magento 2 plugins are developed with your customers in mind. We have developed some niche extensions and more are to come.

Magento Configurable Product extensions

Best4Mage specializes in extensions for configurable products. Our latest innovative Magento 2 Configurable Products Extension is the Cofigurable Products use Simple Details extension. This unique extension is packed with a lot of features like: URL switching (good for SEO) and Advanced Tier Pricing. Unlike the extensions from our colleagues CPSD is also active on the Magento category (listing) page.

Just look at our Magento 2 wholesale order grid, we believe it is the best and defenitely the most complete in the market. Combine it with our Tier Price extension and you are all set!

Pimp up your Magento Fashion Store

Or our Mix and Match Fashion is a unique extension that completely changes the look and feel of your store. This brand new Best4Mage extension is designed to boost your sales. Let your customers buy complete sets of clothes or other items in just a few clicks. Although this extension was devloped with the online fashion stores in mind it is of course also usable for other products.

Magento dynamic pricing calculator

Price Calculator for Magento 2 which allows you to dynamically calculate the price based on length, width, volume etc. Customers can enter their measurements and calculate the price. A perfect dynamic pricing calculator for merchants selling variable sized products i.e. sheet material, carpet, tiles, cables, paper sheets etc. Super easy to setup.

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